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The Community has two schools, one is a primary for children 4 to 10, which also has a pre-school facilities, the other is a comprehensive secondary for children from 11 to 18.
Adult education classes are held at the Area Community Education and Training Centre which is part of the Dunholme Old School Community Centre. The Welton Library also offer free computer classes from time to time.


Dunholme St Chads

Location Map


Dunholme St Chad's
Church of England Primary School
Ryland Road Dunholme LN2 3NE
01673 860597

Dunholme St Chad's Church of England Primary School is a good school with outstanding features (Ofsted 2012)

  • We are delighted those things at the very heart of our school ethos were fully recognised during our recent Ofsted Inspection (December 2012) which has been achieved through excellent partnerships with parents and the local community
  • Pupils' behaviour is exemplary and pupils enjoy coming to school
  • Relationships between adults and pupils are outstanding at all times, with pupils describing school as ‘home from home'
  • Provision for pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding
  • In reception pupils make very good progress because leadership and teaching is consistently outstanding
  • In Key Stage 1 levels of attainment are above national averages and pupils make very good progress
  • In Key Stage 2, overall progress in all subjects is outstanding

For more information visit our school website: www.dunholme.lincs.sch.uk

The school is a relatively new school being built in 1984.  From 1864 till then they used what is now the Old School Community Centre in Market Rasen Road.
It has recently been extended again to meet the needs for the ever growing community.


Dunholme St Chad’s

Church of England Primary School

Ryland Road Dunholme LN2 3NE

01673 860597


Headteacher: Mrs Patricia Ruff


Open Morning – Wednesday 5 November 2014

We were delighted to see so many parents at our Open Mornings at the beginning of October.  We have decided to arrange an additional open morning for parents of children due to start school for the first time in September 2015.  This will be held on Wednesday 5 November from 9.15am – 10.45am, so if you or anyone you know is interested please do come along.  Further information is available on our school’s website.

 Coop Community Champions!

We were delighted to be informed that Dunholme St Chad’s Church of England Primary School were chosen to be the first Community Champions in the new Dunholme store!  This means that for 3 months, every time someone shops in our new local store and uses their dividend card, our school receives a donation which we plan to use to furnish our new learning area/library.   Additionally, members also have the option to choose a Community Champion of their choice from a central list.  So if you choose Dunholme St Chad’s Church of England Primary School, we would receive the total amount raised by members at the end of each year!   If you think you would like to support our school in this way and help us to raise funds, you can choose your community Champion by visiting www.lincolnshire.coop/communitychampions .  We would like to thank all the community for their support.

New Learning Spaces

We are delighted with our newly constructed learning spaces; ‘The Pod’ and ‘The Hub’.  These learning areas have created space which is conducive to learning and nurtures curiosity, creative and enjoyment.  We are now looking forward to furnishing them with the help of valuable funds raised from the Coop Community Champions.

Morrisons Let’s Grow Vouchers

The deadline for collecting Morrisons Let’s Grow Vouchers was at the end of October.  If you have any vouchers lurking around the house or at the bottom of your handbag, we would be really grateful if you would bring them into school.  Thank you for your support! 

School Council

We are pleased to announce our new School Council members.  Approximately 50 children from Y1 to Y6 stood for election; which was an overwhelming number.  Each presented their manifesto to their class - the following children were voted by their class mates:

Y1: James Ackroyd & Tommy Hewitt       

Y2: Macey Dickinson & Luke Holland       

Y3: Sam Hunt & Hannah Sullivan            

Y4: Megan Edwards & Lucy Hutchinson    

Y5: Harvey Lavers & Chloe Byron

Y6: Kaitlyn Hughes & Amelia Murray

 Harvest Festival

Thank you to everyone who supported our recent appeal for donations for Lincoln Community Larder as part of our harvest celebrations.  Thanks to your generosity Mrs Hopson delivered a large quantity of groceries to the larder in Lincoln.   Visit our school’s website to view photographs of our Harvest Festival service.

Tree Lighting – Friday 28 November

The countdown to Christmas is about to begin and we are delighted to announce that the Parish Council have once again chosen to display the village Christmas Tree (purchased by the Parish Council) in the school grounds for the enjoyment of everyone in the community to see.  The official lighting of the Christmas Tree will be on Friday 28 November.  Everyone from the local community is welcome to come along to this wonderful Christmas event!  For more information, visit our school’s website.

If anyone wishes to visit the school or would like information about our school, please telephone the school office on (01673 860579, alternatively information can be found on our website:  www.dunholme.lincs.sch.uk

Dunholme Kids Club, who operate in our school hall, offer both breakfast and after school child care.  For more information see the school web site or call Kids Club direct on 07958 305144.



Dunholme Old School Centre

On Thursday 18th September years 2 and 3 with their teachers from Dunholme St Chad’s primary school went to the Dunholme Old School Centre. They all listened intently while the Old School Trustee explained that the Old School was of course their school from 1864 to 1984. Photographs of Dunholme school children and scenes of the village from the late 1800’s were displayed for the children to see what it was like living in the Victorian era.  The children asked many interesting questions and learnt what it would be like without electricity and motor cars. The school Trustee said he certainly would like to continue with these school visits as it gives the children a practical history lesson and makes them aware of the heritage within the village


We’ll Meet Again Mobile Museum and St Chad’s Museum

On Monday the 2nd of December, Paul and Linda from the 'We'll Meet Again Mobile Museum' came to our school to show us artefacts they had found or bought from the Second World War. Paul told us he had been collecting historic objects since he was 8! They had bombs, helmets, guns, ammunition, uniform, grenades and lots lots more. He told us about the Home-Guard who guarded their home (Great Britain!). He told us a fabulous story about one Home-Guard officer who, when he signed up, wasn't given a gun or grenades or anything at all! He was only given a baked bean tin and some stones inside. He asked, 'How are these meant to save the UK?' and the man replied, 'If you see a boat approaching Kirkstead Bridge, shake it really hard and from far away it'll sound like a machine gun and should make any invading Germans retreat!'                                              

Also, Linda told us about the rationing and how much food civilians would have been given each week. Lots of us stated we could definitely not have survived with that amount of food during the War. We were all handed a hard-boiled sweet as our weekly ration and most of us hated them. The options to have were known as the 'big four'. They were: pear drops, jellybabies, mint humbugs or lemon sherberts. Linda also told us about the average sort of toys and Christmas presents of 1940s. Some of us said that we should've invented PlayStations before the 40s! We had a go with some of the wooden toys and most of us enjoyed playing with them and put them on our Christmas lists!

Overall everyone agreed it was a very good day and would do it again anytime.


Two days later, we made our own museum in the hall. Lots of people, including some from the village generously loaned objects and brought in information about their ancestors or friends. We had 3 speakers come in to tell us their stories of the War: Nancy, John and Miriam. After learning more about the War from the objects and speakers, we enjoyed a VE-Day celebration, sharing food made from rationed items such as: vinegar cake, custard biscuits and honey cakes. Everyone looked spectacular in their 1940s costume. 

Written by Josh and Reuben Y6



William Farr School Web Site





Admission Appeals Panel Members

Do you like to make a difference?  Do you consider yourself fair and impartial? 

 If you think this describes you, the school is seeking volunteers to sit as panel members to hear its admission appeals.

 This successful school is currently oversubscribed in most year groups.  Those making unsuccessful applications for places in the school have a right of appeal to an independent panel.  Panels are totally independent of the school and made up of a variety of people. The panels consist of 3 members and sit several times a year during term time. 

 Members act in a voluntary capacity and hear individual cases.  Full training will be provided. No previous experience is necessary. Appointments are made by the Governing Body.  Panel members are unpaid but may claim for travel expenses.

 Panel members are either:

 Lay members – people who have not been involved in the running of a school or teaching in one (although school governors or volunteers in schools may be used)

 Education members – people with experience of education or the educational conditions in the area or who are the parents of a registered pupil at another school.

 Please note that people, who have a connection with William Farr, would not be eligible to be panel members, as their ability to act impartially could be questioned.

 Application forms and further information can be obtained from the Clerk to the Governing Body at the above address. 

William Farr Church of England

Comprehensive School

Welton, Lincoln, LN2 3JB

 Tel: 01673 866900

Fax:    01673 862660

E-mail:  wfarr@williamfarr.lincs.sch.uk

William Farr Church of England Comprehensive School

"William Farr Church of England Comprehensive
School is one of the best schools in the country at outperforming expectations for their pupils and improving their future prospects. There is plenty that other schools could learn from William Farr Church of England Comprehensive School's success." -  Sue Williamson, Chief Executive of SSAT


William Farr C of E Comprehensive School aims to provide the highest quality of education whereby everyone is encouraged to strive for excellence in all that they do and each student is known, valued and achieves as an individual. We will know that we have achieved our vision when:

Every student has the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding through a broad and balanced curriculum Every individual is confident and behaves in a way that reflects the Christian principles on which the school was founded.
Everyone knows they are valued.

William Farr Comprehensive School is a Church of England school for 11 - 18 year olds, located in the village of Welton, near Lincoln. It was opened in 1952 on the site of the RAF Dunholme Lodge, a WW2 bomber station, which had been bought for £600 in 1946 by William Farr, the vicar of Welton. The school was named after him when he died in 1955.  It acquired comprehensive status in 1974, and Grant Maintained status in 1992 - a scheme that was later abolished by the Labour government - and in 2000 William Farr signed up for the latest education initiative and attained Technology College status. It is also an associate school of the University of Lincoln. In 2001 William Farr achieved the distinction of having the best comprehensive school A-level results in England.
 In 2006 William Farr received an outstanding award in every category in an OFSTED inspection, the best in the country. In 2007 the school changed it Specialist Schools ad Academies Trust status to a Science College and added the additional distinctions of being a Leading Edge School and A Raising Achievement and Transforming Learning school. 
William Farr School is proud of its reputation for academic excellence and the high standards and expectations shared by all staff and pupils. We aim to provide a broad and balanced programme of study by which all pupils of whatever aptitude and ability can reach their highest standards of academic achievement and levels of qualification in public examinations and tests. 

We recognise that pupils mature academically at different times and that their interests change. We are concerned that pupils maintain as comprehensive a study base as possible and our curriculum is specifically designed to prevent over specialisation. In this way our pupils can keep their post 16+ options open. 

During the time pupils spend at William Farr the academic curriculum is organised to guide them into those subjects where they will develop the greatest sense of achievement and the best examination results.

The organisation of subjects in each year may vary because it has always been school policy to allow individual
Heads of Department and their staff the professional freedom to decide the most efficient way to teach their particular discipline from Year 7 to Year 13 and the GCSE and A level examinations.

Academic work is but one part of the `whole curriculum' at William Farr. It is essential that parents join the staff
in ensuring that pupil attitudes to their studies are supported by the school systems of welfare, guidance and care. The development and outlook of pupils are enhanced further by active involvement in the many ‘extra curricular' activities on offer at William Farr. 

A summary of each subject's curriculum is given below and we would emphasise to parents that they should always be aware that each year is not separate and isolated but part of a five or seven year integrated programme of study.

The result of the emphasis on quality and discipline can be measured by the consistency of examination success shared by all pupils at all levels of ability. In 2012, 77% of our entry gained 5+ GCSE‘s at grades A*-C including English and Maths, (the National average was 54%); and at A level, an average point score of 361 UCAS
points per pupil. 

DFE Performance Tables.


Inspection Reports.




Hackthorn C. of E. Primary School

 Last month saw another ‘first’ at Hackthorn School  when we organised a Macmillan coffee morning. There is always an element of anxiety involved in hosting any sort of occasion – will there be enough cakes? Will anyone have time to come and stop for coffee? We needn’t have worried, as the turnout was massive and they were greeted by a table groaning under the vast array of goodies which had been baked by family and friends. Best part of it was when we found out afterwards that our small school had raised a staggering £309.95 in the hour when the coffee morning was open! We really would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who supported this event.

 The school had a very special visit from an Olympian – Rebekah Wilson, former member of the women’s bobsleigh team gave a truly inspirational presentation entitled ‘What I’d like to be when I grow up’. Part of the occasion involved everyone taking part in a series of sponsored exercises which raised an incredible £600 for ‘Sport for Champions’.

 The new school council was elected, and have already proved to be very proactive, having organised a trip to the ice rink for December – inspired in no small part by what they heard from Rebekah earlier!

 There will be a commissioning service for Mrs Appleby at Hackthorn Church on the 20th November at 6pm. Everyone who wishes to come and join us in this celebration is more than welcome.

 Contact the school on 01673 860295 to arrange a visit, request a School Brochure or enquire about vacancies.



 Dunholme Pre-school


This term we have welcomed some new starters and as a nice introduction after the Summer break we have been looking at our families with the children. They have been talking about the members of their family and either drawing them or using photographs to stick on the leaves of their own family tree. The trees have been put on the wall and make a very attractive display. We have also been encouraging the children to look at their own face and describe their features, before choosing the materials and colours to make an artistic impression of what they see.

 We are now moving on to look at Halloween and Diwali with the children over the next two weeks and we are doing lots of cooking and craft activities as part of this theme. We have already made spooky spiders and edible witches hats and next week we are making Diwali sweets and tea light holders to celebrate the festival of light.

 Gayle - Dunholme Pre-school


Set in the Annex of the Dunholme Old School it provides education and training for all in the community but primarily adults who wish to improve there personal or work place skills. 

Area Community Education & Training

Computer Classes
Only specialised courses will now be run in the future.
These will include.
The use of The Internet
Digital Photo Editing
Creating formal letters, forms, and graphics using Microsoft Word (2010 version)
Spreadsheets using Microsoft Excell (2010 Version)
Databases using microsoft Access. (2003 version)
Creating presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. (2010 version)

All these courses will be delivered as One-Day Workshops on Saturdays.
For further information cantact:-
John Ritchie
01673 861172 or 07981 255423

Fusion Dance for Adults

7.30 pm - 8.30 pm on Mondays
£4 per session

Held at Dunholme Old School Centre
Learn different styles including Swing, Bollywood, Jazz, Charleston, Street dance and many other dance styles whilst having fun!

You won't find another class like it! Participant 2011
Contact Lisa Hurst on 07890 545372 or email
lisahurstdance@hotmail.co.uk for more information.

  Former Students of William Farr School
Thank you to all those former students of William Farr who have contacted the school to say that they would be interested in joining the new Alumni group .There has been a big response for which the school is very grateful.
The school is setting up the Alumni group to help trace former students and also record what they have achieved in their careers and travels.  The school hopes to use these stories to inspire and guide current students in their university and career choices.
So if you are a former student and you have a good story to tell or just want to join the group and meet up with old friends please contact Mrs Jenni West at   J.West@williamfarr.lincs.sch.uk  .  She will then get back to you with more details.
 Phil Cragg

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