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Dunholme Parish Council:-
Dunholme Parish is in the district of West Lindsey and the county of Lincolnshire.
The Parish Council has nine elected Councillors.
For information contact: -
Mrs Laura Richardson
20 Monckton Way
LN2 3QL 
Tel:  01673 862738
e-mail:  dunholmepc@btinternet.com

The next meeting of the Dunholme Parish Council will be on Wednesday 19th November 2014 at 7.00pm  in the Jubilee room of the Dunholme Village Hall.  

(Please note the change in time due to the APM following this months meeting)– so if you have any issues you wish to bring to Councillors attention or any ideas you would like to put forward, why not come along and join in. 


Council Minutes

The Dunholme Parish councillors are elected to serve on the council every four years. 
Meetings are held every month except August and are held on the third Wednesday of each month in the Jubilee room of the Dunholme Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.  Members of the public may attend these meetings. The first 15 minutes are open to any parishioner to put questions to the council.  After that no discussion by the public is allowed while the meeting is in progress.

Cllr Mrs Janet Wright

Cllr Mike Prestwood

Cllr Frank Elkington

Cllr Tim Brumpton

Cllr Simon Barrett

Cllr Matt Burre

Cllr Brian Lewis

Cllr Alan Buckland
Cllr Anjum Sawney 


Lincolnshire County Councillor:-  Sue Rawlin 01673 885545

West Lindsey District Councillor:- Sue Rawlin 01673 885545

Parish Clerk : -
Mrs Laura Richardson
20 Monckton Way
Tel:  01673 862738


Your Member of Parliament is

Right Honorable Edward Leigh MP

House of Commons
Tel 02072196480

Or in the constituancy:
28 Queen Steet
Market Rasen
Tel: 01673849003


West Lindsey District Council


Creation of public service hub


 Building works to remodel the ground floor are due to start on 18 August, so that Job Centre Plus (JCP) can move into the Guildhall at Marshall’s Yard.

 It will be the start of transforming the West Lindsey District Council building into a public services hub, providing a one-stop shop for residents and customers.

 Initially those services occupying the ground floor will have to move to other accommodation. Some of these moves will be permanent and some temporary.

 The Voluntary Service Centre will move to new office space on the first floor, and this move will be permanent.

 It is planned that the customer services will move at close of business on Friday 15 August at 4.30pm and will reopen in their new first floor temporary reception on Monday 18 August.

 The main and the side entrances will be closed and a new temporary entrance set up on Spring Gardens (opposite the RWB accountants).

 A council officer will be able available to help and advise customers when they enter the building at the temporary entrance.

 Deputy Leader of the council Cllr Anne Welburn is pleased about the transformation within the Guildhall. She said: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the building works, but we want to make things as easy as possible for our customer.

 “By providing as many services as we can under one roof, will ultimately save time and make life simpler for residents.”

 Work on the ground floor will start during week of 11 August, but this will be in areas that have no impact on reception.


 For further information contact:

Shelley Knowles

Communications Officer,

on (01427) 676512

Would you like to make a difference to your community?

Why not become a Parish Councillor?

All parish council seats are due for election in 2012 when local elections are held.

What is the role of a Parish Councillor?

·         To represent the ward and the views of it's residents that he or she represents at grass roots level

·        To work in areas of community leadership

·        To plan, run, develop and monitor parish council business

·        To always work in the public interest

How long is a term of office?

Four years unless elected at a by-election when you would serve until the next scheduled election.

Will I have time to be a councillor?

Dunholme Parish Council meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (except August) at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

How much will I get paid?

There is great reward to be gained by serving your community at grass roots level, though unfortunately there is no provision for a parish councillor to be paid. You may be reimbursed for expenses. There is a limit to how much may be claimed.

For further information on the legal qualifications and procedure for becoming a Parish Councillor please contact:


Community Lincs
Community Lincs can help you to save money on your heating oil bills through a bulk purchasing scheme. To find out more follow this link http://www.communitylincs.com/bulk-oil-buying-scheme/

Community Lincs, Church Lane, Sleaford, Lincs. NG34 7DF
Registered Charity (no. 1046569)
Company Ltd by Guarantee (Reg No. 3053849)

Roy Pell
Community Enterprise Officer
Tel: 01529 301964
Fax: 01529 414267
Web Site: http://www.communitylincs.com/


DUNHOLME PARISH COUNCIL If you have any issues you wish to bring to Councillors attention or any ideas you would like to put forward, why not come along and join in. The agenda is posted on the Notice Board at least three days prior to each meeting and the first 15 minutes of the meeting is an open public forum.If you wish to contact the Parish Council please write to Parish Clerk : -
Mrs Laura Richardson
20 Monckton Way
Tel: 01673 862738
e-mail: dunholmepc@btinternet.com

Dunholme Parish Council

20 Monckton Way, Dunholme, Lincoln, LN2 3QL
(01673) 862738




The monthly Parish Council meeting took place on Wednesday 15th October 2014.  


 Planning Applications

Received: 501697 – Honeyholes Lane/Lincoln Road Development – Miller Homes - Outline planning for 275 houses

Granted: Land of Honeyholes Lane – Outline planning permission for 49 dwellings

Refused: 131516 – Land of Ryland Road – Outline planning permission


 Dog Mess

There is an increasing amount of dog mess being left around the village; reports have especially been made along Ryland Road towards the school and on the war memorial.  Not only does this look unsightly.  Please can you ensure that if your dog leaves a mess on walks it is picked up and disposed of in a bin


 Neighbourhood Plan

We had our first public consultation last month and this was very well attended.  The Clerk is currently going through the list of people wanting to help to make first lines of contact.  By the time this article goes out we will also have had a focus group for community groups within the village.


If you are a business, small or large, please can you take the time to complete an online questionnaire at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/dunholmebusiness. Please note that this questionnaire is only live until 3rd November and so needs completing before then.

 The next meeting is on Wednesday 19th November 2014– so if you have any issues you wish to bring to Councillors attention or any ideas you would like to put forward, why not come along and join in.  


 The agenda is posted on the Notice Board at least three days prior to each meeting and the first 15 minutes of the meeting is an open public forum.

 If you wish to contact the Parish Council please write to The Clerk at 20 Monckton Way, Dunholme, Lincoln, LN2 3QL, e-mail on dunholmepc@btinternet.com or telephone 01673 862738.



A Neighbourhood Plan for Dunholme

Dunholme Parish Council began the ground work of developing a Neighbourhood Plan in 2013 and is now looking to take the next step by consulting with the community.

Introduced by the government under the Localism Act (2011), Neighbourhood Plans are a way of enabling local communities to influence the planning of their local area. There is an emphasis on giving communities the means to determine the extent and nature of development requirements in their settlements, both now and in the future, and to have a say on the style and form that any development should take.

Now is the opportunity for you, living or working in Dunholme, to become involved and have your say.

Whether its housing development, new business premises, health centres, green spaces, or something else – this is your chance to say what you think Dunholme needs.

Neighbourhood Plans can only be successful if they genuinely reflect the voice of the local people. That’s everyone not just those with the loudest voices so it is important that you take this chance to say what you think and what you want for the place where you live, work  or run your business.

Working with Community Lincs we will be running a series of events in the run up to Christmas so look out for information regarding these.  


We need more people to help us develop the Dunholme Plan, are you interested?

Qualifications required… Enthusiasm and an open mind

So whether you have an interest in planning matters, are good with IT, making cups of tea or just want to be part of ensuring Dunholme remains a thriving community where people wish to live and work, we want to hear from you.

Email or telephone the Parish Clerk Laura Richardson:

E: dunholmepc@btinternet.com

T: 01673 862738


Community Lincs is a Lincolnshire based charity, working with rural communities offering support and advice to village halls, community groups and helping communities get their voice heard in decisions relating to affordable housing and community planning. You can find out more about them by visiting their web site www.communitylincs.com



Save money on your gas & electric bills with
Lincolnshire Energy Switch scheme


 Gas and electricity customers in Lincolnshire could save money on their home energy bills through the new collective Lincolnshire Energy Switch scheme (LESS).

 Seven authorities in the county have jointly launched the campaign that invites residents to join forces and potentially save hundreds of pounds on their bills.

 Energy suppliers can offer lower energy prices to a collective contract made up of thousands of customers. The more people that sign up, the lower the energy prices that could be offered. People who have never switched energy supplier and are on a standard tariff are likely to make the greatest savings.


 The scheme is easy to join by registering your details at:



 Alternatively residents can call 01522 782067 or register at their local council in West Lindsey, Boston, East Lindsey, Lincoln, North Kesteven and South Kesteven.

 In West Lindsey, residents can also visit the council offices to register. Opening times at the Guildhall, Gainsborough are Monday and Tuesday, 8.30am-5pm, Wednesday 8.30am-3.30pm, Thursday, 8.30am-6pm, Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm

 Once the registration deadline has passed on Monday February 17, the tariff of the lowest bidding energy supplier will be offered to residents. Residents are then able to choose to accept the offer or not.

 People on pre-payment meters can also choose to switch.   

 Once registered, there is no obligation to switch. When the auction has been completed customers will receive an offer letter by email or post if registration was made ‘offline’.

 Customers then have four weeks to confirm they wish to switch supplier by following the instructions in the offer email or returning a signed form by post.

 Cllr Jeff Summers, leader of West Lindsey District Council said: “We are encouraging as many residents to choose to make the change to the Lincolnshire Energy Switch scheme and to work with iChoosr for a community switch here in Lincolnshire.

 “We are always keen to look at new ways to help our residents reduce their monthly outgoings and start a process to help those most in need address real fuel poverty.

 “Remember registration closes on February 17 so register to switch as soon as possible.”


 For media enquiries:

Julie Heath

Senior Communications Officer

West Lindsey District Council

01427 676502

Dunholme Parish Council Minutes