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Public Information Notice Board




 Please note it will be necessary to impose a temporary restriction to all vehicular traffic on the road(s) detailed below. Adequate arrangements will be made to enable pedestrians to access premises in the affected area while works progress.



Essential maintenance works by Western Power Distribution


 LOCATION:  Honeyholes Lane (At junction with Ryland Road)


 PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  10/11/2014 to 12/11/2014



Honeyholes Lane, Lincoln Road, A46, Lincoln Road, Ryland Road & Vice Versa

 If you have any queries, or require further information, please contact the Greater Lincoln & Gainsborough Highways Division on 01522 782070.


 Yours faithfully


 for Executive Director



Invitation to take part in Research:


 Study: Increasing Physical Activity in Older Adults

We are delighted to inform you that Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust is participating in the above mentioned new research study with the University College London. The study is a 12-week trial testing a simple leaflet designed to increase physical activity. This study is open only to people who:

*   are aged 60-75 years

*   are retired

*   do less than 30 minutes in a row of moderate physical activity (i.e. anything that makes you break a sweat or your heart beat faster) in a typical week

*   usually spend 6 or more hours, in total, sitting each day

*   are able to do light physical activity (e.g. walking)


 If this describes you, and you are interested in being considered for the study, or would like more information please contact our research nurses:


Diane Brennan – diane.brennan@lpft.nhs.uk/    Tel : 01529 222221 / 07789 945084


Lizwi Nyathi – lizwi.nyathi@lpft.nhs.uk/    Tel:  01529 222206 / 07775 552811


Parking Outside Schools


We are getting more and more complaints about irresponsible parking whilst dropping off and collecting children from schools

 This is a common complaint across the county especially during winter months during adverse weather conditions; however it’s during these winter month’s that the risk to all road users and pedestrians is increased due to reduced vision caused by the adverse weather and reduced light.

 All drivers please be aware that children are very small and thus more difficult to see amongst parked vehicles and busy junctions. When parking please ensure that you park responsibly and legally.


 I remind you that it is an offence to park as shown below:

Over a dropped kerb

Within 32ft of a junction (or within a junction)

On yellow zig zags (during  school drop off and collection times)

On Footpath/grass verge

On double yellow lines

 As well as your own children’s safety please think about other pedestrians some of whom may have sight or physical difficulties and may have guide dogs or mobility aids which are hindered by parking irresponsibly. 

 Pedestrians with pushchairs or wheel chairs are obstructed by preventing them from crossing the road in a safe place if you obstruct drop kerbs as well obstruct their vision to judge when its safe to cross.

 So before you stop to ‘drop off’ or ‘collect’ children, or ‘park’ your vehicle please consider if you are committing any offence or increasing the risk to other community members as this is liable to you receiving a Fixed Penalty Notice.


  Thank you.

 PCSO 2297 Ange Raper

Welton Police Station


Polite Notice to Dog Owners

This is a polite notice asking those dog owners who walk their pets through the Manor Farm estate in Dunholme to ensure that they keep an eye on what it is their dogs are up to at all times.

On numerous occasions over the last 2 months someone has allowed their dog to mess on my private driveway; they are obviously walking their dog off the lead as the mess is always immediately outside my garage / behind my car.  Subsequently with the dark mornings / nights this has seen me having to fork out for car valeting and dry cleaning. 

As this is not an isolated case, I will seek to pursue legal action against the owner, including compensation for costs incurred for cleaning bills.

Can I remind those who do not clear up after their dogs that they face a fixed penalty of £80 and up to £1000 fine if caught.


Planning Inspectorate Appeal.

Application Reference No;130168.  

Location; Land West Of Ryland Road and Adjacent  to Dunholme Close. Dunholme.  

The public inquiry regarding above land has been set for 25th 26th and 27th March  at The Epic Centre on the showground.

 Three days have been booked, but it will depend on the time taken for the evidence to be  heard, and then cross examined as to when the site visit will take place.

 This meeting is open to the public. 

 I believe that the council give their evidence  and are cross examined  and then the applicants give their evidence  and are cross examined.

 It is likely then that the inspector usually allows other people to speak. 

 It is probably likely that after the end of that enquiry that the  Inspector is likely to carry out a site inspection.

Regarding; Field next to above appeal field.

 It has been mentioned to me today that  a planning  application may also be in the pipeline for  sixty more houses in the field next to the above field. Developers have been mentioned too.

 That being so. We will then be looking at a combined total of  One Hundred and Thirty Four more houses in Dunholme.

As there are also other fields  near these two fields in Dunholme ,one wonders how long it  will it be before the owners of those fields consider 

putting in applications to build yet more houses in Dunholme.

Rachel Jones


   West Lindsey District Council

Help is available to support vulnerable tenants move

 The council is piloting a new scheme to help elderly and disabled residents move into accommodation suitable to their needs.

 The Assisted Move Scheme aims to help tenants moving between or into social housing. It recognises that many people are living in property that is no longer suitable to them. This can be for reasons such as their bathroom is no longer accessible or they are struggling to use the stairs.

 Some people may be struggling to pay fuel bills or simply want to move into a smaller property.

 Help will be available until the 3 November, with applications accepted until Friday, August 1, to support those residents who need support moving into accommodation that meets their current or future needs.

 Cllr Malcolm Parish, Chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee said: “There are many reasons why some people might be worried about moving house. Some people simple don’t want the hassle of moving or are worried about their pets or even where to look. We are here to help make the move as easy as possible and tailored to your needs.”

 For more information visit www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/assistedmove, email IndependentLiving@west-lindsey.gov.uk, or call 01427 676676 and ask for the Independent living team.

 NEED HELP MOVING? Cllr Malcolm Parish, Chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee is urging residents to contact the council if they need help moving home.

 For further information contact:

Shelley Knowles, Communications Officer, on (01427) 676512


WEA  Learning for Life


The WEA are the UK’s largest voluntary sector provider of adult education.  Although we’re a national charity, we have regional offices and volunteer-led branches around the country, including 60 branches right here in the East Midlands.

In Lincoln we have been celebrating its seal of approval from Ofsted, the official education inspection body.  The WEA received a ‘good’ rating in its latest national inspection. The news comes as the WEA is seeking to recruit more students in a bid to get Britain learning.

We run over 90 courses in the Lincolnshire area, in villages and suburbs and Lincoln city.  With courses including History and Archaeology, Arts and Crafts, The History of Photography, Astronomy, Music History, Creative Writing, Introduction to Hieroglyphs  and Spanish Civil War you are sure to find something to suit you.

If you would like more information about our courses please contact either Julie or Joanna on 01522 522472 or at lincolnoffice@wea.org.uk.

Any member of the community can request an entry of a notice hear at any time of the month by emailing : - editor@dunholme.org.uk