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Photographs of times gone by

This appears to be a very early photo taken in the vicarage gardens.

What is surprising about this photo is that the people are moving when the shot was taken. Most photos at that time had a long exposure time so all subject mater had to be stationary for several seconds. It is believed to have been taken around 1857

The Village Spring

Taken not long after the spring was bored in 1892. It was paid for by the owners of nearby houses to obtain a supply of pure water. At that time the beck had been condemned as unfit for drinking purposes. Mr George Vickers of Dunholme and Mr Alfred Storr of Welton carried out the boring operation between 8th February and 8th April 1892

The Spring as it is today
Smiths Shop

Believed to have been the first shop in the village. It is not known when the shop opened or indeed why and when it shut but this photo of Smiths Shop was probably taken early in the twentieth Century.


Now called Kornaways with an added extension at the far end

The St Chad's Church Bells

In 1907 the church tower was restored, and two of the old bell were recast. As you can see in the photo one bell on the left, "Gloria", is very badly damaged with a date of 1730. The name of the bell in the middle is unclear but has a date of 1626. The bell on the right, called "Church" is also dated1628. Iron frames were erected for six bells and in 1908, 1909 and 1910 the three additional bells were added.

A similar photo was found at a departed relatives house by Neil Radford of Alfreton.

Outside the Church Porch 2013
The ford across the A46 outside the church

The bridge by the spring which now carries the A46 road was not built until 1912 so the photo pre-dates that. It seems unbelievable today that the main road from Lincoln to Grimsby should have to cross  ford, although the lack of any traffic gives the reason why. Brook house can be seen in the distance.

Looking North up Market Rasen Road (Fen Lane)
Mr M Drury's Cart outside the Lord Nelson Pub

Until the 1990's Mr Drury owned a dairy in Holmes Lane so it is assumed that this Mr Drury is an ancestor who ran the same dairy. It must have been taken in the early part of the 20th Century.


As The Lord Nelson Pub looked up to it's closure in 2013

St Chad's Church

This is one of four early photos of Dunholme found in a departed relations house by Mr Neil Radford from Alfreton.  It must have been taken before 1914 as the church has no south porch. It was produced as a postcard by P Jones of Lincoln

Sent by Neil Radford

St Chad's Church with South Porch
Fen Lane

This photo shows Fen Lane (Now Market Rasen Road) from the bottom of Holmes Lane by the church and looking North. The house facing is Brook House built on the site of Thornhill's Homestead in the late 1800's. The photo was printed as a postcard by "20th Century Photographical Company Ltd"

This photo was also sent by Neil Radford

Market Rasen Road (Fen Lane)
Fen Lane (Market Rasen Road) looking south

This photo was taken from the opposite end of Fen Lane to the one above. The church can be seen right centre.

Also printed as a postcard by "20 Century Photographical Company Limited"

Also sent by Neil Radford

Market Rasen Road looking South 2013

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