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There are two community centres in Dunholme, the Village Hall and the Dunholme Old School Community Center

There are a  number of clubs for children and adults in the surrounding area. As Dunholme is so closely connected to Welton then some clubs serve both communities. Other villages in the area such as Hackthorne, Scothern, Scampton and Nettleham also have numerous clubs and club activities.



  • Chairman ----  Pete Forman     
    Enquiries and Bookings 
    Graham Rawson   
     01673 862552

Dunholme's village hall is situated on Honeyholes Lane. It has a large room capable of holding 200 people and a smaller room, the Jubilee room, that holds aproximately 50 people. The hall has it's own liceced bar and a fully equiped kitchen.  There is disabled toilet facilities as well as separate toilet in the Jubilee room.
The village hall is within a sports complex with an indoor bowls hall with five lanes attached and a bowling green, football pitch and tenis courts within the grounds.
The village hall committee has charitable status using the hall for social, recreational, educational and other philanthropic events for the benifit of the local community


Camera Club .

 During November the camera club has 3 meetings although only 2 of the are at the Old School as the first meeting on the 13th November we will be out and about having a “Ghost Walk” in Lincoln, this is one of our nights out that members get the opportunity to use their cameras at night. This particular evening though we will be looking for ghouls and ghosts! Ok having a walk round Lincoln with a tour guide Ghouls and Ghosts will be added extras.


 Our second meeting will be on the 20th November when we will be having the grand finale of this year’s “Monthly Competition” during the year I have set the members a monthly challenge which is to take photographs of various things during the year, each month I judge the competition and give some critique/feedback on their images this of course helps everyone to look at their images and hopefully during the year get better at their photography.


 Our third meeting on the 27th November will be our Chairman’s challenge, although this year it is our Chairlady’s challenge as our Chairman is a lady our first lady Chair for 20 years. The challenge is always set by whoever is Chair for the year and the winner receives our Chairman’s Challenge shield. This year the members have to take a “People Picture” so a bit of street photography required. The end results will be judged on the night so all members need to get out there with their cameras and hopefully take the winning shot.


 We will be holding extra nights for our photographers during the winter period so if you would like some help with the workings of your camera or what to do with your photographs once they have been taken then get in touch for details, don’t forget anyone can join the camera club so if you want to buy a member of your family an annual membership for Christmas it will be something they will gain knowledge from at a low membership price of just £30.00 per year.

 Want further details about the camera club then get in touch, Grahame Dunkin  01673 860469 dunholmecc@btinternet.com or visit our website at www.dunholmecameraclub.co.uk



The Jambusters WI – October 2014

It was chocks away as 30 Jambuster ladies visited Scampton Heritage Museum on the 19th Sept. Dressed in 40s frocks, furs and pincurls and with the volunteers Pete and Dave surprising us by joining in the fun sporting their old style RAF uniforms it was a great night. Along with Colin, the trio entertained us with the history of the base and an insight into the lives of the brave young men of 617 squadron. If you haven’t already visited we highly recommend you do!

October saw the first Jambusters meeting in our new venue - St Chad’s School. The larger hall meant our ‘Halloween speed caking’ had plenty of elbow room to roll out icing and stick on spiders legs - a big thank you to Genna and Mandy for your super ideas, a fun night was had by all.

The winning ‘Beauty or the Beast’ mask with a delicate butterfly style design, created by Emma Hackney – well done!

November sees our beauty theme continue as Clinique join us. By the end of the night we hope to be wrinkle free, looking 10 years younger (I don’t think that’s too much to ask do you?) Due to the events planned for Nov and Dec, entry is for members only as unfortunately we cannot cater for additional guests. Entries are invited for the ‘Bring a Guy’ competition and refreshment fairies Shirley Barnes, Val Dunn, Gloria Dunn, Eloise Rimmer and Beverley Barker will be supplying delicious bonfire treats. See you all on the 4th November at St Chad’s.

The Jambuster Committee Girls
Email: jambusterswi@gmail.com
Facebook – The Jambusters WI


DIG report

We are sorry to have to tell you this, but the Trustees of the Old School do not wish DIG to have any further involvement with the proposed modernisation and upgrading of Dunholme Old School.

  I'm afraid the reasons for the decision have yet to be fully understood by us.

 DIG were given the legal authority by the Trustees of the Old School to proceed on the 4th of January 2014, stating that the plans were to include a bar / bistro and performance facility.

 Extract from Minutes of Dunholme Old School Community Centre Meeting 1.1.2013:

) Dunholme Improvement Group DIG

i) The Chairman, as a member of this group, explained the Aims and Objectives of the Group to the Trustees.  The Group would operate a separate organisation with its own committee and funds to try to develop the Old School in a similar way as the trustees have been trying to do over the last 23 years. The main difference was that with the closure of the Lord Nelson pub they would like to see some sort of Bistro/café/ restaurant/ bar facility and that it would be best sited at the front on the property with a performance area at the rear as previously planned.

 DIG understood the points above and were working to that criteria.

Having progressed so far, our next step would have been to produce a comprehensive feasibility study and the Business Plan prior to seeking funding.  DIG at this point would like to acknowledge and thank Angela Porter from the Lincolnshire Co-Op Development Agency, who expertly guided us through the stages of business start up.  We managed to apply for and gain funding to pay for the initial research and professional bodies to help us.  We engaged 'Community Lincs' to help us carry out the Public Consultation Period and the survey which you took part in back in March.  The results of the survey show overwhelming support for the project and clearly indicated the facilities that the community would like to see at the Old School.

 The DIG committee is made up of 14 employed and retired resident volunteers, we have a great range of expertise and experience in business and include two licensees, two Parish Councillors, designer, an Architect, policemen, businessmen and women, secretary, construction specialists, and bags of drive and enthusiasm.  We had also been offered time by several other expert and professional people from within the community, to assist us with the project moving forwards. We also enjoyed the support of WLDC through Councillors Sue Rawlins and Malcom Parish who helped with the seed funding, and thank them for their help.

 During the project DIG have presented plans at the Parish Council AGM, the WI, the OAP Tuesday Luncheon Club, twice at the Open Garden at Dunholme Lodge, presented our initial architects visuals at the fete (based on the initial results of the survey), attended seminars and lectures on community businesses, visited Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre and obtained interest from the local press.  The last event we held was an 'Open Meeting' to present the findings of the survey to the community and show the architects visuals in order to gain feedback to further develop the proposals.

 We were ready for the next stage of development which was to write the Business Plan.  This would be a costly and time consuming exercise and we had applied for funds to help us prepare for this stage.  Funding had been set aside for us from The Plunkett Foundation, who have been a valuable source of help and inspiration.  We met them at the Epic Centre last year when they held a seminar aimed at Community Enterprises.  This year DIG were asked back to speak at the conference to inspire others.

 Progress however was hampered by the Trusteeship and governance of the Old School.  At present there is just one family listed on the Land Registry.  The group had been advised that lenders were unlikely to give funds unless the Trusteeship was modernised. It was agreed that this would be arrived at by adding job titles rather than named people, such as the vicar, headteachers of the local schools, Chair of the Parish Council etc., in order to ensure continuity for future generations, but this has not happened.

 There is a covenant on the building which states that it can only be used as a Community Centre or a private dwelling,  Therefore what we were proposing was setting up a social enterprise scheme whereby profits would have been fed back into Dunholme Old School and the wider community.

 We have yet to decide how we should react to the news, but will up-date the website with our decision in due course.

 DIG are community minded, we gave our time freely and have spent a great deal of energy getting the project up and running, we were looking forward to welcoming the user groups back into the revitalised building and to welcome new users too.

 Thank you all for your support over the past year, it is community involvement that enable projects like this to proceed.  Unfortunately we didn't anticipate that the Trustees would want, or be able to retract the authority that they had given us.  

 Sign up for the e-newsletter and we can get messages to you.  There is a sign-up button on the home page of the website as well as a place on the 'comments' page where you can pass on your suggestions regarding the situation or indeed pass comments on our design proposals.

Craig Duncan - Chairman



The Old School Centre is available not only during the day but also during the evenings and weekends and is still only £7 per hour to hire which includes the use of two rooms and the kitchen. Ideal for small parties or meetings.
Please ring Janice on 01673 861172

For More details on the DOSC

THE DOSC was the village junior school up till 1984 when it was considered too small for the needs of the village.
The Old School was built in 1864 after the land was donated by a Mr William Tougne of Branston under the Schools Sites Act of 1861. A trust was set up and the trustees were the Bishop of Lincoln, the Achdeakon of Stow and the Vicar of Dunholme. The school continued to be run by the church untill 1948 when the responsibility was transfered to the Lincolnshire County Council.
After the school was vacated a group of villagers aquired the use of the property from the trustees to be used as a community centre.
Today, After a national Lottery Grant the management committee has purchased the school from the trustees on behalf of the village. Although the village has an excellant village hall there is no duplication of activities.  The DOSC has a main hall that can seat up to 100 and a small committee room that holds about 20.  It has disabled toilet facilities and a fully equiped commercial standard kitchen.  The property also has an annes where community eduvation in computer skills, leisure learning and theatrical activities take place.

Chairman - Mr John Ritchie  01673 861172
Booking Secretary - Mrs Janice Ritchie
01673 861172



Above: Front of the Old School building
Below: Rear view showing the wooden annex to the left housing the Area Community Education & Training unit


Dunholme Old School Community Centre


The Dunholme Old School is available for hire for private functions at only £7 per hour for social events, parties, wakes, classes lectures and meetings etc and £10 for business seminars and meetings.

Janice Ritchie Secretary 01673861172


In the Annex

  1. Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils occupy on room of approximately 56 m2 . (a membership body who give advice and training to local government members and officers)

  2. Photo Lincs occupies another room of approximately 45m2.  A start-up sole-trader photographer. He runs a mobile photographic business and uses this room as a studio. He also gives Training on photography and computer imaging software.


  3. Area Community Education and Training occupies the third room of approximately 32m2. This is run by a committee member and has been running since 1995 as an Adult Education Venue, with great success. It has eight computers, all networked giving Internet Access and Microsoft Office 2010


    The occupiers of the Annex are permanent residents.

B.         Main building

  1. Luncheon Club. This is to provide lunches on a Tuesday for about 30 local elderly residents. It used to be weekly but the previous volunteers were predominant elderly and retired. The new volunteers mostly work so are only able to run the cub twice a month. They were created and initially funded by Age UK (Age Concern). A mini-bus is provided for those with limited mobility.


  1. Camera Club. This club has been going for about 15 years and has a thriving membership. They enter various competitions and I believe there is even a league table of competing clubs. They give free Training and help to all members. They meet twice a month.


  2. Bible Studies Group. Meet once a week on a Wednesday. They have a thriving membership and in fact are looking for more space for group meetings.


  3. Dancing Classes. These are run as a private concern and are mainly for the children. All styles are taught.


  4. LALC. On many occasions when attendances are high for local council training session they use the main hall with the committee room for the lunches.


  5. Music Group. A local semi-professional band rehearses about once a fortnight. They are well known in the County at various dances and events.


  6. Pantomime Group. Although they perform only at Christmas and then only in Welton Village hall most of their rehearsals are carried out in the Dunholme Old School Community Centre.


  7. Dog Trails. Although this group only use the hall once a year they do so for a whole week. This means they can only do it during holiday periods when other activities are not using the hall.


  8. Private Parties. These are many and frequent. Mainly children’s parties where they need to invite all their classmates but mum doesn’t want a house full of kids. The Old School is ideal for this. Being close to the church there are also wakes and Christening parties. The parties being self-catering, or having caterers brought in, make the old school ideal for this type of function. With a large range cooker and separate room for the buffet the facilities are much appreciated. It also does not clash with the village hall. The size of parties normally reaches no mores that about 40, anymore and it can get a bit hectic. Whereas the village hall anything less than 50 everyone would be rattling around in an empty room.


  9. Pop-Up Tea room. So far we have had only one of these but hope to have many more. They are run by an individual who actually take the tea room around the County to different vial and church hall. They are held over a weekend and the one we had was very successful which bodes well for our future development plans


  10.   Casual booking. The hall is quite often use on a one off function  for displays, meetings, seminars, sales of goods, private teaching and many other purposes.

Our Response to DIG


Open letter to the Dunholme Improvement Group   10 October 2014

The abruptness of the Trustees decision to terminate our agreement with DIG did not come out of the blue. It was considered long and hard before making this decision.

In the end it had to be taken before the Power to Change event at the Epic Centre to notify the organisations that were involved. With Plunkett, CAN, Community Lincs, West Lindsey District Council and others, a 24 page report was sent explaining in detail on our thoughts and the reason for our final decision.

  Let me say that all the Trustees decisions were based on professional advice that we have received from various organisations.

There has been a lack of knowledge on who we are and what we are which enabled us to make the decision. Even today, in the public domain, there is questioning on why one family should have the right to determine what happens to the Old School. (Which doesn’t endear me to your cause)? Well I’m afraid, yes; we do have the right in law. So why is that so?

Well let’s start at the beginning looking at the legal side?

When the school closed in 1984 a group of villagers (Which didn’t include me) took it over as a community centre at a peppercorn rent of £1 per Annam.  The building and surrounds were in a very poor state as you all know. I got involve in about 1988 when the committee at the time struggled to get anything done and there were mass resignations. In the end the only members of the committee left were my wife and I in the position of Chairman and Secretary. I also did all the accounts which at that time were about £450 in the bank. With the roof leaking and the window frames rotting and chair legs falling through the floor it may have been easier just to give up. We did persevere and with small grants from various organisations we gradually managed to get things repaired, at least to a usable state. During the 90’s we received grants from organisations as diverse as the British Sugar Foundation, Lincolnshire County Council, The European Social Fund, training and Enterprise Council, Skills for Life and the Royal Commission of the 1851 exhibition. No; I hadn’t heard of them either.

 Slowly everything improved; but one problem in getting any Grant was that we did not own the building and only had a rolling one year rent agreement.

This all changed in 1997 when the snooker club then in the wooden hut at the rear applied for an alcohol licence. This had to go the Lincoln Diocesan office as they acted for the Trustees on the matter.  It was then that they realised that the original “School Sites Act of 1841” was no longer valid and they should sell off the property under the “Reverter of School Sites Act of 1987”.  As sitting tenants we were given six month to find the money to buy at their valuation. It took three years and with our new constitution being approved on the 11th August 2000 contracts were exchanged. We didn’t get a great deal of help from any other organisation with the County and District councils and Community Lincs stated there was nothing they could do. We had no banner waving outside with “Save our Old School” or front page of the local press. At the time no one else in the village seemed to be interested. As the Old School committee was legally unable to hold property it was conveyed into mine and my daughter’s name as Chairman and Treasurer. We were therefore listed on the Title Deeds and Land Registry as proprietors (the “owners”). (See Land Registry web site Title Number LL188861). The property is “on trust” but does not specify who it’s on trust to, but we realise that it is according to our constitution “for the benefit of Dunholme as a community centre”.  Both these documents are in the Dropbox. I’m not sure whether they are still there as someone has deleted 239 files from my Dropbox, thank you very much Id’ like them back please. 

If any of you had been on the committee at the time or been involved in any activity at the Old School you may very well have been listed on the conveyance as a Trustee. As it was my family were the only active ones on the committee.

 The funding given by the National Lottery Funding Board (now the Big Lottery Fund) came with legally binding conditions. The main condition was that the funds were “Restricted Funds”. They had to be recorded in all accounts as such signifying that they must only be used for the purpose for which our application applied for i.e. as our constitution specifies. See Lottery Fund archives website application no.MF213130). The constitution specifies our “Purpose” as being wholly charitable for the benefit of the parish of Dunholme and surrounding area.

The Diocesan Office also put a covenant on the sale dictating that the property must only be used as a village hall a community centre or one private dwelling. (The last put on as that’s what it would have become if we had not bought it)

 Our present governance is as an unincorporated constitutions charitable voluntary non-membership organisation with the property listed as a “Community Centre”. A community centre is described officially as “Space provided by a charity to facilitate community services and activities”. The Management Committee therefore are the Trustees of which there are nine.  The committee of Trustees make the decisions. We would be in “Breach of Trust” if we acted outside the terms of our governing document.

 Why has it taken till now you may ask? 

On January of 2014 Jeremy Fennel of Locality emailed Andrew Ottewell stating “A community pub is likely to require a legal form that is not charitable (the Industrial and Provident Society/Community Benefit model may be the most appropriate) – and there would need to be careful planning by the existing trustees to consider whether trading of this kind can be accommodated on the site which they are currently responsible for, and within their existing legal powers”.

So someone must have had an inkling that the Trustees may not legally approve of your “Vision”.

A social enterprise or an Industrial and Provident Society/Community Benefit organisation cannot be a charity therefore we as Trustees considered our legal responsibilities and was advised to notify you before your meeting on 9th at the Epic centre and to inform the other organisations of our decision.

 Therefore the West Lindsey’s Community Grant Scheme in association with CAN and Plunkett is the wrong type of funding for the development envisaged by DIG of the Old school. There are many other funds available that can be accessed that would be suitable. As you may have seen at both the Inspiring Communities and the Power to Change events it is designed for local communities to take over or create community businesses where there would be a loss to the community and mostly to be run by volunteers. It is not designed to turn existing charitable premises into a Community Interest Company type business which you would need to be to get from this type of funding. Of course all funding organisations that you had dealings with were all enthusiastic with what your vision was. That is their job. Once West Lindsay DC was offered the £1.7M or whatever it is, it has to be spent in the most prestigious way possible. If they don’t find somewhere to spend it they may not get any more. That’s why they use organisation like Can and Plunkett to deal with the promotional and organisational aspect of the Funding.

 There is however another way of doing it. As there are four main Lottery boards covering different areas of activity. There the main Big Lottery Fund, the Sports Fund, The Heritage and the Arts. As well as other organisation that deal with social exclusion, education and elderly and children. All of these have themed applications, all have separate cut-off dates for applications and all have start work time that vary. This is why I chose a theatre type development to be used for amateur drama, singing, dancing, bands and other performing arts that could also be used as a lecture room for educational classes. I considered that it would give me a better chance of getting funding.  All this needs co-ordinating and very difficult for one person to do.

This is why I thought that DIG would be involved in. I assumed that you would take up where I had left off but with an addition of a bistro where I had thought of a café, and move it to the front.

At the inaugural meeting, which I chaired, there were certain criteria that I laid down.


  1. The Dunholme Old School Community Centre will only be used as a Community Centre for the inhabitants of Dunholme as laid down in the covenant.

  2. The Trustees would always have the final say.

  3. No development would take place to provide facilities that already existed in the village and competed directly with any other group or organisation

  4. That it should be managed by the Dunholme Old School Community Centre committee a constituted voluntary organisation. (We are in discussion to change this to be a Charitable Incorporated Organisation or similar)

  5. That all present users would be catered for and where possible enhanced.
    It was NOT going to be a replacement Pub but only a Bistro incorporated in the tea room/café.

  6. That nothing planned would conflict with the philanthropic nature of the Old School

    Then their plans were produced. I cannot remember there ever being any discussion in committee on what should be included in these plans. I had assumed that they would have been based on my plans, with the addition of a Bistro in the café as discussed.  Once again a decision that seems to have been taken out of committee. Sure we all had a chance to see them and unfortunately at the time I was quite busy to notice too much but was assured they were only a “concept”.

    At the next Trustees meeting on 16th July, the progress of DIG was on the agenda and the “concept” drawings were produced. It has been said recently that I have been spreading rumours that DIG didn’t want the current users in the new development whereas DIG wanted them all the time. I don’t spread rumours only facts. Can you please show me where in the plans LALC, the IT Suite, the Camera Club and the Bible Studies Group are going to meet because they do not appear on the plans?

    Alarm bells were ringing about the direction that DIG was taking. The plans showed a 48 seat Lounge bar (More than the Lord Nelson), a 50 seat Restaurant and a 70 seat function room (almost as much as the Four Seasons Hotel had), with a professional manager, chef and staff. The question I was asked was why? Weatherspoons wouldn’t build something like that in a village like ours why on earth was considered appropriate

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