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Your Neighbourhood Policing Team



PC 326 Martin DOHERTY    martin.doherty@lincs.pnn.police.uk                      

PCSO Julie MCFAUL          julie.mcfaul@lincs.pnn.police.uk

PCSO Ange RAPER            angie.raper@lincs.pnn.police.uk


One of your neighbourhood officers will be attending the following

Coffee Morning’s / Police Surgeries we will be pleased to meet you and discuss any issues you may wish to raise alternatively please call 101.


Please be aware: on occasions there may be non attendance due to unforeseen circumstances and unavoidable, so please accept our apologies should this happen







4th September 2014

Hemswell Cliff Primary School

09.30 – 10.30

9th September 2014

RAF Scampton V Cafe

10.00 – 11.00

15th September 2014

Park House, Welton

14.00 – 15.00

16th September 2014

Willoughton – Tuesday Club

18.00 – 19.00

18th September 2014

RAF Scampton Youth Club

18.00 – 19.00

24th September 2014

Glentham Village Hall

10.30 – 11.30

25th September 2014

St Mary’s Church, Welton

10.00 – 11.00

29th September 2014

Park House, Welton

14.00 – 15.00

To report a Crime please call 101.

If ‘urgent’ please call 999.

If you would like to pass information anonymously, please call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.


Lincolnshire Police employs 149 full-time equivalent PCSOs working across every Neighbourhood Policing Team in the county. These have been funded by the Government together with a substantial contribution from Lincolnshire County Council and each of the seven District Councils.




        Power to issue fixed penalty notices for cycling on a footpath

        Power to issue fixed penalty notices for littering

        Power to issue fixed penalty notices in respect of offences under dog control orders

        Power to issue fixed penalty notices for parent who fails to secure regular attendance at school

        Power to issue fixed penalty notices for parent who fails in their duty following a child's exclusion

        Power to issue fixed penalty notices for graffiti/fly posting

        Power to issue fixed penalty notices for certain bylaws

        Power to require name and address for:

*         Failing to comply with dispersal order

*         Begging in a public place

*         Sleeping in the open air

*         Causing injury/alarm/distress to another

*         person or loss or damage to another person's property

*         Selling alcohol to someone who is drunk

*         Obtaining alcohol for someone who is drunk

*         Sending a child for alcohol

*         Selling alcohol to under eighteen year olds

*         Buying alcohol on behalf of children

*         Consumption by under eighteen year olds or allowing consumption

*         Anti-social behaviour

*         Failing to stop for PCSO directing traffic

*         Failing to surrender alcohol – designated public place

*         Failing to surrender alcohol - by under eighteen year olds

               Power to:

*         Seize tobacco

*         Seize drugs when searching for alcohol/tobacco

*         Enter to save life or limb

*         Seize vehicles causing alarm (Section 59)

*         Remove abandoned vehicles

*         Stop cycles

*         Direct traffic (escorting large loads)

*         Carry out road checks (PACE Section 4)

*         Place signs

*         Enforce cordons

*         Stop/search (terrorism)

*         Photograph people away from police stations




               Power to:

*         Stop Vehicles for testing

*         enter licensed premises (with constable)

*         enforce certain licensing offences (with constable)

*         remove children in contravention of curfew to home address

*         remove truants to a designated place

*         search for alcohol and tobacco

               Power to issue Fixed Penalty Notice for disorder:

*         For delivery of alcohol to under eighteen year olds

*         Purchase or attempt to purchase Alcohol by under eighteen year olds

*         Throwing fireworks

*         Possession of adult firework by under eighteen year olds

*         Possession of Category 4 Firework

*         Breach of firework curfew

*         Supply excessively loud firework

In February and March 2009, Nettleham Woodland Trust (NWT) organized tree planting events at the new Monks Wood in Ashing Lane, Dunholme.
In one month, 10,000 new trees and shrubs were planted with the help of schools, college students, youth groups and the local communities. This was a great success and the evidence of the new woodland is now very apparent. Also, we were delighted to win the Community & Group Category in the 2009 Lincolnshire Environmental Awards in early June and to receive our Award from Dr. David Bellamy. The next phase in the creation of this 14½ hectare (35 acre) woodland, which is part of Ashing Lane Nature Reserve, will take place during National Tree Week this coming December. A further 6,000 trees and shrubs will be planted.
MONDAY 30th NOVEMBER to FRIDAY 4th DECEMBER from 10am to 4pm. Members of NWT will be on site every day and we invite schools, colleges and youth groups to come and help to plant the trees. Please put this in your school or youth group diary for 2009-10.
SATURDAY 5th DECEMBER 2009 between 11am and 12 noon. NWT will participate in "TREE O'CLOCK" at Monks Wood. This is a Guinness Book of World Records attempt to plant the most number of trees in one hour in multiple locations, which is being organised by BBC Breathing Places. We invite families and individuals to come and take part in this special event. (please arrive by 10.30am at the latest and bring a spade).
SUNDAY 6th DECEMBER 2009, 10am to 4pm. Our last community tree planting day. If you would like to arrange for pupils from your school, college, or youth group to participate in tree planting during the week of 30th November to 4th December, or in the Tree O'Clock event, please contact the Secretary through information@nettlehamwoodlandtrust.co.uk for further information. FACILITIES: Marshalls will show you where to park. Portaloo on site. Hot and cold drinks will be available. Please wear warm clothing, gloves and boots, as the site is very muddy. Please bring a spade if possible. At the weekend, there will be walking from the car parking areas to the tree planting site - about half a mile. Please note these events are not suitable for wheelchairs.
.For an information pack with full details of the Challenge, please send name and address to the Secretary, Nettleham Woodland Trust, 18 Beech Avenue, Nettleham, Lincoln, LN2 2PP.

Email: slmendel@tiscali.co.uk



Susie Mendel, Secretary, Nettleham Woodland TrustRegistered Charity Number 111985418 Beech Avenue, Nettleham LN2 2PP.  Tel: 01522-751283Email: slmendel@tiscali.co.uk
David Cotten Chair Email: dmc206cc@yahoo.comRod Newborough Woodland Advisor Email: rod.newborough@live.co.uk 


Nettleham Woodland Trust


Early in 209 Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust purchased 19.25 hectares of farmland in Ashing Lane Dunholme and Nettleham Woodland Trust has secured a 125 year lease to create and maintain around 15 hectares a new woodland on this site.

The whole area is called Ashing lane Nature Reserve and a new woodland in known as Monks Wood, in memory of Dennis Monk, the late Director of the Lincoln branch of WREN, which funded the purchase of the land.  The first phase of tree planting took place in February 2009, when over 10,000 trees and shrubs were planted by local families, schools, scouts, guides and college students. Woodland rides were created, enabling push-chair and wheelchair access. By the end of 2009 over 18000 native trees and shrubs had been panted.

The Nettleham Woodland Trust needs enthusiastic group of volunteers willing to assist in the planting and subsequent maintenance of the woodlands. It’s a great way to meet like minded people, make new friend and participate in some healthy outdoor exercise.

If you would like to help in any way or for more information please contact:


The Secretary, Nettleham Woodland Trust

18 Beach Avenue, Nettleham LN2 2PP

Or visit the web site


Telephone number for Welton Health Centre is:- 

Emergency line & Enquiries 
01673 862232
District Nursing Team
01673 860513
Health Visitors 
01673 860543/863566


Health Centre Newsleter


At the time of writing we are anticipating the arrival of ‘flu vaccinations and remind anyone in the     “at risk” groups to book in as soon as possible for these.  Reminder that 2 – 4 year olds are included in the cohort this year and the vaccine is administered to them via a nasal spray.  Please do not wait to be contacted by the surgery – book your appointment as soon as possible or advise us if you do not wish to take up this service so that we do not contact you further.

Unfortunately our booking in screen in the waiting room is no longer functional due to external changes in the NHS IT software which have made it incompatible with our IT system and we apologise to those patients affected.  We will be discussing the options further with our Patient Group in due course.

Sallie Stead


Welton Patients and Doctors Association

I am writing this news for the parish magazines on a lovely warm, sunny Saturday in mid-September. I just hope we are as lucky with the weather on Saturday 18th October.

I am sure that, by now, you are all aware that this is the date of the PDA Autumn Fayre. The tables for hire have all been allocated with a waiting list for cancellations. Posters are now up around the villages advertising the Fayre and giving details of what you can expect on the day.

If anyone has any bric a brac, books, bottles or glass items, items suitable for the tombola, wine for the wine or water game or anything else they would like to donate to the event (except clothing) please give me a call (862570) to arrange collection or bring it along on the day. We will be at the Welton Village Hall from 9am to receive your donations so please turn out your cupboards to support a very worthy local cause.

The Fayre opens to the public at 2pm and there is no admission charge.

There will be something for everyone young and not so young alike! When you have walked around the games and stalls you can refresh yourself with delicious homemade cake or scones and a drink in our café.

                                                                                                                                  We are also looking for bric a brac, books, tombola items, in date grocery items, anything in a bottle or glass and wine for the wine or water game. We will also be asking for cakes on the day. Please turn out your cupboards and drawers and give what you can.

If anyone can offer any of the above, please give me a call on 862570 and I can arrange collection if necessary.

As in previous the PDA Committee Members and some drivers will be selling raffle tickets at the Coop on Friday 26th Sept and Saturday 11th October. We will also be present at the ‘flu clinic in the Health Centre on Saturday 27th September. Please give generously. You have to be ‘in it to win it’ and we already have some excellent prizes promised.

Two more dates for your diary are Thursday 23rd October when a Doctor from the practice will be giving a talk at the Health Centre starting at 7.30pm to which everyone is invited. Finally the Christmas Lunch will be held on Friday 5th December.

I hope to see you all on 18th October!


 Janet Goddard



St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice in Your Community   

If  you are looking for something different to do over the Summer, wishing to discover new places whilst on holiday or simply enjoy getting out in the fresh air with family and friends our Summer Stroll-a-thons are the answer. Simply chose a date anytime in July or August and set yourself a goal of `strolling 3miles (5K)!  All you need to do is contact me for a sponsorship form and start collecting now!  You will be joining lots of people across the county all striding out in support of the Hospice!


On Saturday 19th July why not visit the St Barnabas stall at the Walk In The Park event being held at William Farr School. A great opportunity to find out about the wide range of services we provide to patients and their families across Lincolnshire living with life limiting illnesses.

 With many thanks for your continuing support; this is very much appreciated!

Caroline Swindin 

Community Fundraiser

St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice

e-mail caroline.swindin@stbarnabashospice.co.uk

 Mobile 07435970309


Nature Notes for October

 Hello again, it is that time of the Year again, not again, I hear you say.  Well it is.  I was mindful of just how useful nature in all of it’s forms is, to us, and what would we do without it.  From the tiniest min microbe to the huge Whales that roam our see, each and every one of them have a defined purpose and it would take a far superior human being than I to try and co-relate all of these millions of types, species and try to define just what they do, who benefits and who suffers from their individual qualities and existences.  That would be one heck of a lifetime challenge wouldn’t it , but now adays with all the technology to hand it is within our reach, just what does what with what to whom, and what a story that would tell.

The other day in the early evening, when it was just about sundown, I saw the usual flock of crows returning to William Farr woods, I notice in the early mornings, Ma, Pa and whoever of the siblings wanted to took a casual southerly jaunt over the fields and far away, to forage for the day, somewhere where the harvest had just been collected as part of their existence is to hoover up what the combine dropped or didn’t mange to collect for our needs.  They know just where to be a the most suitable time, nowadays, the farmer has the stubble broken up and tilled within a week of harvest, and the Crows being Crows have totally adapted to the modern farming methods, in order to survive.  I was still being very cautious in identifying these ‘Crows’ on their evening return to WFS Woods, and discover there were Carrion Crows, Rooks and Jackdaws in the noisy return.  I did not realise that all of these birds are of a similar family, and appear to enjoy each others company and in order to keep the group together, the faster birds will loop and gather up the stragglers, much as Border Collies and German Shepherd Dogs do, with sheep.  It was quite amusing to see the antics of the Jackdaws, who were doing the ‘drop’ much as Peregrine Falcons do in flight they turn through 90 degrees and fold their wings and spill the supporting air from under their wings, and drop at a very high rate of knots, onto an unsuspecting Jackdaw or Rook.  And then there would be a small chatter of noise among them and someone else would have a go at a similar manoeuvre, some getting it right and some getting it right and some not so good at it and dropping like a stone through the homeward bound flock, out the other side and then struggle to catch up very shame facedly.  But of course by then they had moved on a pace and reminded me of when we used to do fairly long journeys in the car and we tried all sorts of wheezes before we got the bored cry of “Are we there yet?” 

We have not had a very good year so far as our garden’ wildlife tally.  But just this last week we had a surprise visit from some Goldfinches, a couple of Cole Tits, more Hedge sparrows than I have seen for some considerable time, and some Blue Tits, this was in a very short space of time in the early morning, well, early to us, around 08.00 a.m.  So I was very best pleased, but the one returning visitor who I am always very pleased to see again, was our singing Cock Robin, chirping around the garden making sure there were no other interlopers on his patch.  I have a feeling that he has been around all Summer really, but has kept very quiet, but now is the time his Russian cousins come over for their Winter sojourn, but not in our garden. Look after yourselves and them’s that can’t , all the very best……John Smallwood

 Welton & Dunholme LIVES
On July 20th & 21st we are attending the Relay for Life event on William Farr's school field.
This day will also be a very sad one for the Welton & Dunholme LIVES First Responders as John Woodcock, one of our oldest and dearest members will be hanging up his LIVES uniform for the last time.

John has been a great asset to the Welton & Dunholme LIVES First Responders for over 10 years and is one of the longest serving LIVES First Responders across Lincolnshire.
John has attended an extensive amount of varied calls in his service and is very knowledgeable. He has dealt with these calls without fuss and in very re-assuring manner. He has been a great team member and his gentle loving nature has helped individuals within the team in times of need.
John has shared his knowledge and experience in a relaxed manner, he never makes out that he is the centre of attention when relating details of a difficult call he may have attended. His way is more of talking things through with a wry observation which gives less experienced members confidence that they can cope in a similar situation.
The question is how we replace this exceptional responder!!
This will not be a final good bye for us.  The team has a friend for life and I'm sure he will pop up at team meetings every now and then.
We would also like to thank his wife, Anne for the continued support that she has given to the whole team for the duration of Johns service.
On behalf of the whole team, past and present members and the community we want to thank you once again for your dedication.
We continue to need new responders to join our team to ensure that we can cover the 24/7 service. Please feel free to contact me on the below number or join us at our next team meeting on July 11th at 8pm in the Welton Scout Hut.
Hannah Lumbard
Welton & Dunholme LIVES Coordinator 07542 158246

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