Dunholme Parish Council:-


Dunholme Parish is in the district of West Lindsey and the county of Lincolnshire.
The Parish Council has nine elected Councillors


For information contact: -

Dunholme Parish Council Contact Details

Clerk: Mrs Laura Richardson

Address: 20 Monckton Way, Dunholme, Lincoln, LN2 3QL

Telephone Number: 01673 862738

Email Address dunholmepc@btinternet.com

Website address: www.parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/dunholme

The Next Parish Council Meeting will be on


Monday 4th November at 19.30 Hrs

 in the Jubilee Room of the Village Hall.


If you have any issues you wish to bring to Councillors attention or any ideas you would like to put forward, why not come along and join in. 


 The monthly Council meeting of Dunholme Parish Council took place on Monday 7th October 2019.

 6 Parish Councillors were also in attendance.

 Parish Councillor Vacancy

There is currently a vacant seat on the Parish Council. 

If you are interested in joining the Council and are eligible please contact the Clerk or look at the advertisement on the council noticeboard.

 Best Kept Village Competition

The results of the best kept village have been received and will be published on the website for residents to view. 

Dunholme did not place this year – however, entering this year wasn’t about winning.  It was about gaining an independent view of the village for places of improvement, places where improvement isn’t needed etc etc.

The Council have already started on this with the planting of the village containers all year round, the painting of these containers and the excellent work undertaken in Oak Wood. 

More bins are being purchased to place around the village to make sure that it always looks clean and tidy.

Cllrs Sarah and Chloe Keetley shall be looking through the comments made with a fine toothcomb and bringing recommendations and ideas back to the Council to implement around the village.

 Oak Wood

The team of young people from National Citizens Service have attended their graduation service after receiving fantastic feedback from the Council.  This young group of people, together with a number of Councillors spent 10 days in the woods strimming, digging, building, planting, sowing and making a massive improvement to the area.  2 days of these were spent just strimming away the overgrowth.

A large number of residents have commented on this area and families have been seen enjoying the new den and picnic bench.  It has brought a real sense of community to the area and can be enjoyed for what it is.

It is hoped that the new owl, bat and bird boxes will introduce more wildlife into the area – please treat these with respect, 2 have already been knocked off trees and had to be re installed.  Hedgehog homes have also been strategically placed to ensure that all forms of wildlife can enjoy the area as well as staying safe.

Over winter, the pathway can become very wet and muddy and difficult to navigate through, especially those of you with pushchairs and scooters.  Therefore, the Council are currently looking into quotes to reline and granite the footpath.  This will make sure that the path can be used the whole year around without the need to worry you may slip in the mud J

 Trees and Hedging

There have been a number of complaints about overhanging trees and hedges around the village.  Now is the time to be maintaining these issues.  Please take a look around your property – front and back, and check that your trees and hedges are not overhanging your property boundary.  If they are, please cut them back – this means that everyone has easy use of the public footpaths in a safe way, especially throughout winter.

 Young Councillor of the Year

Cllr Chloe Keetley was nominated for this year’s LALC Young Councillor of the Year award, she came runner up which is a great achievement for such a short time on the Council.

Chloe was elected onto Dunholme Parish Council in May 2019 and during her short time on the council has already brought so much to the village.

She has taken a particular interest in improving the look of the village for the better – assisting in a recent NCS led project in Oak wood.

Her main triumph has been organising a competition in the local primary school to design a new picture for the planters within the village. These have always had a negative views from villagers and Chloe noticed this but said there must be a way to improve them without buying more at the cost the resident.

Upon choosing 5 winners Chloe is now in the process of hand painting the winning designs onto the village planters – these have been shown on Facebook with over 30 residents commenting on how fab they look and what an improvement they are.

The list goes on of what Chloe wants to achieve in her term, and the council and village are very excited to see where they lead.

 Play Area

The Council have received a lovely letter from 2 little residents in the village asking for some monkey bars and chin up bars at the Kennington Close play area.  They said they are great fun and will encourage fitness for people of all ages and something different to what is already on offer at the park.  Quotes to provide this equipment are now being looked into.

Maintenance is due to take place to the football goal on  Kennington Close play area and the round a bout of Allwood Road play area.

A couple of years ago, the play area at Allwood Road was fenced off by some multi-coloured fencing to keep children safe from cars.  It is now hoped that the same fencing can be put up at the Kennington Close play area to keep the area separate from the part of the field that dog walkers use.  Not everyone likes dogs and some children aren’t confident with them running around the field and close to the play equipment and there has also been reports of dog pooh around the equipment.  Hopefully, this will provide a happy environment for all.

 Dog Pooh


 Fly Tipping

There has been a large increase in the amount of fly tipping in the village.  Please do not dispose of unwanted items in the village.  On occasion, this may need to be sorted by the Parish Council and if this is the case, the cost also falls to us and therefore you as residents.

 Website and Social Media

The Parish Council website has had a major overhaul and includes all up to date information.  If there is anything you would like to see posted on the website or the Facebook page, please contact the Clerk.

The website includes all financial, agendas, minutes, Councillor Details and other information that residents may find useful.

The Facebook page has 268 that like the page and 280 people that follow it.  If you are interested in following the page, search Dunholme Parish Council.


At present the Council uses the website, Facebook, Dunholme News and word of mouth and the noticeboard to inform residents of meetings, updates and general information.  We did try to start up an email shot group whereby information would be emailed to people on the list – only a couple of people signed up to this and therefore it never took off.  If you have a preference of how you prefer to find out information or have any ideas of how the Council can relay information to residents, please do contact the Clerk.

 Clerks’ Contact Details

The Parish Council can be contacted via the normal email address.

  dunholmepc@btinternet.com or by telephone on 01673 862738, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 and 15:00.  There is an answer machine in place should your call not be able to be answered.

 The next meeting of Dunholme Parish Council will take place on Monday 4th November 2019 at 7:30pm in the Jubilee Room of the Village Hall.


West Lindsey Council Elections Dunholme and Welton - results

Election Candidate





 RODGERS, Diana Meriel










 GRIMBLE, Caralyne Margaret





 SWIFT, Paul

Liberal Democrats



Not elected

 PARISH, Malcolm John William




Not elected





Not elected

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Why not become a Parish Councillor?

All parish council seats are due for election in 2012 when local elections are held.

What is the role of a Parish Councillor?

 To represent the ward and the views of it's residents that he or she represents at grass roots level

 ·        To work in areas of community leadership

 ·        To plan, run, develop and monitor parish council business

 ·        To always work in the public interest

How long is a term of office?

Four years unless elected at a by-election when you would serve until the next scheduled election.

Will I have time to be a councillor?

Dunholme Parish Council meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (except August) at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

How much will I get paid?

There is great reward to be gained by serving your community at grass roots level, though unfortunately there is no provision for a parish councillor to be paid. You may be reimbursed for expenses. There is a limit to how much may be claimed.

For further information on the legal qualifications and procedure for becoming a Parish Councillor please contact:

Mrs Laura Richardson
20 Monckton Way
LN2 3QL 
Tel:  01673 862738
e-mail: dunholmepc@btinternet.com 


The Dunholme Parish councillors are elected to serve on the council every four years. 

Meetings are held every month except August and are held on the third Wednesday of each month in the Jubilee room of the Dunholme Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.  Members of the public may attend these meetings. The first 15 minutes are open to any parishioner to put questions to the council.  After that no discussion by the public is allowed while the meeting is in progress.


Cllr Tony Pache (Chairman)

Cllr Nick Rodgers (Vice Chairman)

Cllr Dr Karen Savage, 

Cllr Sarah Keetley, 

Cllr Chloe Keetley  

Cllr Dan Rimmer.  

Cllr Matt Burre.

Cllr Amjum Sawhney


Lincolnshire County Councillor:- 

 Sue Rawlin 01673 885545

West Lindsey District Councillor:-

Cllr Diane Rodgers

Cllr Steve England

Cllr Caralyne Grimble


Your Member of Parliament is

Right Honorable Edward Leigh MP

House of Commons
Tel 02072196480

Or in the constituancy:
28 Queen Steet
Market Rasen
Tel: 01673849003