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Dunholme Village


Background picture taken of havesting in a corn field on Honeyholes Lane August 2014

Dunholme Community Lottery

 The winning names and numbers for the JANUARY 2018 draw are:

  No. 110 - 1st Prize £50 - Graham Metcalfe (Welton)

 No. 041 - 2nd prize £25 - Karoline Ottewell (Dunholme)

No. 037 - 3rd Prize £10 - Katherine Coull (Dunholme)

 A reminder that any club or group in the village that would benefit from some extra funds please do contact us and we’ll try to help even if you’ve had money in the past.

Want to know more or join the Lottery, please contact one of the team or use the e-mail below

Thank you

 Margaret Clifton  01673 866245; Glyn Jones  01673 861907; Helen Loving  01673 861714

Or e-mail



 Umbrellas was formed in 2014 with the aim of creating an inclusive play and meeting place in the Lincoln area for children, young people and adults with additional needs and their families.  My own son is severely autistic and his condition has a considerable impact on our family, not least because there is nowhere we can access to spend time together as a family.  Currently we are fundraising and holding informal, inclusive events for families who are affected by a wide variety of disabilities.

 I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

 Kind regards   Charlotte Owen. Chair.  Umbrellas Lincoln


Skittles?  -  101 year grudge match

“If pigs had wings, they would fly, runs an old saying, but a pig did indeed fly from a field in the Holmes Lane in 1916. The little pig was a prize for the skittles competition at a church fete, and was won by a young officer from Scampton (then a Royal flying Corps training base). He was Kenneth Rice-Oxley, who later married Evelyn Wild, daughter of the Vicar of Dunholme. It was felt that the little squealer would make a good mascot - but how to get it to Scampton? A young man called Charley Barnard, who later became a famous pilot, said that he would land in the fields near the church, which he did on the day following. The operation needed great care, because if the engine of the BE2E had stopped it would have needed three men to start it again. The pig, in a bag, was hauled into the observers seat, and flew off to Scampton.”

RAF Scampton has been approached with a view to holding a “return grudge match” at the Village Fete on the 10th June

It is hoped that there could be an open competition inviting different groups to submit a team with the final contest between the Vicar's Team vs Scampton in a 101 year grudge match.  We just need to locate a set of skittles (see picture).

Can you help?  If you have a set of large wooden skittles would you prepared for them to be used or if you are handy with wood turning would you be able make a set? Thanks.


 Dave Rosier (01673 861026)


Dunholme Old School

Community Centre

 Its always good to start a new year with some great news and to start 2018 the Trustees at The Old School Dunholme are pleased to announce a couple of bits of news, the first is that we have now finished the refurbishment of the rear centre room at The Old School. This room was very run down, and the wooden floor was rotten, so it has been replaced with a concrete floor, re-plastered, carpeted and a complete re decoration. The room will be rented out as a separate entity from the main hall for small meetings etc, there will be a possibility of joint use of the new kitchen and of course toilet facilities are available. If you are interested in hiring the new committee room, then please get in touch with Janice on 01673 861172 for pricing and availability.

 Our second bit of news is that we have been fortunate enough to obtain a grant which will enable us to totally modernise the toilet block at The Old School, although we are a little short of our target for full modernisation we are actively seeking the last bit of funding and hoping that the work will go ahead mid 2018 (dates to be confirmed) The current toilets are well past their sell by date although I did update the ladies’ toilets during 2016 which has made them a lot better. This will mean quite a bit of work and may mean closing the facility during the summer at some point, but we will inform users nearer the time.

 Finally, we have ongoing work to the outside of the building where there is crumbling brickwork within the perimeter walls that needs attention in the near future and will be ongoing for the next few months so please bear with us whilst the work is being carried out. Don’t forget for all bookings or pricing please get in touch with Janice our booking Secretary on 01673 861172    

 Grahame Dunkin  01673 860469 

 Facebook page for contact   Dunholme Old School


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West Lindsey Community Awards 2017. Cllr Roger Patterson, Chairman of the Council with

 Sue Rawson and Sandra Forman

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Caroline Swindin the St Barnabas Corporate Fundraser receiving a cheque for £736.48 from the Chairman of the Dunholme Bowls Club Mike Preswtwood

Dunholme Old School Community Centre

The Dunholme Trust - Charity No 1160106


Dunholme Old School has seen quite a few changes over the last couple of years and hopefully more in the future, The kitchen is completed now and users have plenty of room to prepare their food etc., the ladies toilets are much more modern with the inclusion of cubicles. A lick of paint in some areas has brightened the building up which I must say is ongoing, the main hall will be the next one to have a facelift and then we can get the old images of the village up again, strange actually because I took the canvas prints down whilst we were having the kitchen built and the doorway put in to accommodate access to the toilets without walking through the kitchen area (local users will know what I mean by the last sentence) and now we have a number of people asking when the canvasses will be going back up? The reason as mentioned earlier is that we will be decorating in the main hall over the next month or so.

 At the Old School we also have a very large building at the rear which accommodates space for businesses and at the moment we have a room which has become free. The area could be used for a number of purposes so if you have a need for more space then please get in touch and I can show you round and see if it will be suitable for you, ideal usage would be office type use, the area is approximately 7mtrs x 5 mtrs. Anyone interested then please get in touch


You can book the Old School by contacting Janice our booking secretary 01673 861172.

Bookings being taken NOW for Kids parties, birthday parties, Christmas parties (we have a family who regularly books the Old School for Christmas day) so whatever your requirements get in touch with Janice.


Graham Dunkin 01673 860469


New Bus timetables

I'm pleased to advise you that bus testing has now finally taken place and everything is set and the new Lincoln Central Bus Station  was opened on Sunday 28th January.
Timetables are now available on the bus or from the bus station, however if you want an individual timetable then you can download a copy from our website at

Apart from a few time changes in the early morning to help with reliability the main change for yourselves is the service numbers will revert back to 11 & 12 to be part of our Simplibus numbering. I'd also like to point out that the temporary stop on Broadgate (outside the car park) will be removed from the 28th January as the bus station will be open.
As your probably also aware the junction at Wolsey Way / Wragby Rd is due to close for up to six month shortly so traffic on Nettleham Rd is expected to increase, however because the route on services 11 & 12 will be slightly shorter due to the new bus station we are not expecting this to have any major affect. (Wragby Rd will remain open)

Andy Smith. Stagecoach

Nature Notes for March 2018

 After having had a really dramatic session in a Dentist’s chair where I was determined that he was not going to have my long rooted canine tooth, after 80+ years, and he was even more determined that it came out.  I got to thinking how we co-ordinate our hands and fingers in cutting, peeling or tearing up our food, prior to eating. Whereas birds have only beaks, some mammals such as mice, rats, otters and beavers are extremely lucky as their teeth naturally grow again after years of heavy munching and grinding, where we, poor souls, have to make do with what we are given at between seven and nine years old until they fall apart, break, are knocked out or extracted, we have plastic replacements.

Consider the birds, their beaks can only be described as multi purpose tools, much as the Swiss Army knives are. When you see a Blackbird, firstly digging for a worm, pulling it out of the ground, then segmenting the worm into manageable packages, using the beak in a scissor action, then eating the end product of their labours, or carrying it away in said beak to feed others including youngsters. Quite an exercise, when no hands are available or involved. Our domestic hens, use their beaks for foraging, collection of seeds, grinding seeds, swallowing gravel suitably shaped to sit in the gullet to carry out the first stages of mastication, they are also pretty adept at fighting and pecking each other, causing some poultry farmers to snip off the end of the upper mandible, thus using the beaks as a weapon. The Blue Tit has a relatively small beak as thin as a bodkin, but the Tit is able to kill and collect insects, burrow into shells of nuts and very adeptly disposing of the shells which maintaining a hold on the kernels, it also is a very able carpenter, considering the size of the bird, and the beak, it is quite capable of drilling a hole to an exact measurement in any softwood or tree, to create a nest for his mate and youngsters, look, no hands involved again. The Robin is very good at weaving an intricate nest, simple by pulling strands of grass or straggly vegetation and weaving it into the size and shape sufficient for his lady friend to be comfortable in, then produce eggs and hatch out new Robins, this construction has to be very robust to withstand up to six to eight weeks of habitation, all done with a very masterful, general purpose, beak.  And so on, each and every bird species has developed an amazing array of uses, sizes and shapes as well as uses for this wonderful instrument, look at the Flamingo with it’s built in filtration system, the Spoonbill, the Swan, there are certain types of beak in general.. seed eaters, insect eaters, burrowers, diggers, sifters and many, many more come to mind, what a wonderful and varied object is the beak, and it’s multi purpose, another study in it’s own right I feel.

Meanwhile my jaw still hurts after it’s major assault, and my diet has changed to anything soggy, for the moment.

All the very best       John Smallwood.   




A46 / Lincoln Road Welton Improvement Scheme

An Information Event was held in the  Welton Manor Golf Centre (The Falconer), Hackthorn Road, 0n Thursday 15th June 2017  from 1:00pm to 7:00pm.

 Those that attended were able to meet with the design team behind plans to enhance safety and reduce congestion at the A46 / Lincoln Road (Welton Lane) junction.

 The improvement scheme aims to improve safety and reduce congestion at the current A46 / Lincoln Road T-junction by constructing a new three-armed roundabout and realigning the existing roads on the approaches.


 It was unfortunate that the  notification for this consultation was not received until 22nd May which was too late to get into the June edition of the Dunholme News and consequently few people knew about it.

However if you wish to  have more information, visit

Or contact  Charlotte Hughes. Assistant Project Leader

 Technical Services Partnership, Lincolnshire County Council

Crown House, Grantham Street, Lincoln, LN2 1BD

Customer Service Centre 01522 782070 . Direct Line 01522 555586.


The  existing road from Welton will be realigned further to the west  but leaving the existing road just as an access to the Centurion Garage. The  last bend on Welton Lane will be removed by the realignment which will also involve removal of the trees in the little copse on the west side. The whole area will be landscaped with new trees planted and it appears there may now be a path/cycle  track along this new stretch of road. I was informed that the proposed roundabout  at the junction of Lincoln Road (Dunholme) and the A46 will not happen. But the crest of the hill just past the Centurion Garage will be reduced by 2 Metres. The highways department has carried out computer modelling and the new layout and it is considered to be sufficient for all traffic needs up to at least 2035.

John Ritchie. Editor 01673 861172


Planning application for A46 Dunholme / Welton Roundabout approved


Plans for a new roundabout at the junction of Lincoln Road and the A46 in Dunholme have been approved by the Planning and Regulation Committee, bringing the project one step closer to fruition.

The new roundabout, along with the improvement of visibility on the A46 to the east, will improve safety and reduce congestion at the current simple T-junction. The improvement will also accommodate future development in the area.

The A46 Dunholme, Welton Roundabout project will be part-funded using the £2m allocated to the authority by the Department of Transport (DfT) from tranche 2 of its National Productivity Investment Fund. The remaining funding for the construction of the scheme, including third party contributions, is currently being reviewed by the county council.

For up-to-date information about this and other major highways projects, visit




Run by?



Mother & Todler Goup

Gennie McBride & Amy Woodley

1st session - free- there after £1 for 1st child the 0.50p for second and third

88 Lincoln Road

 Dunholme LN2 3QY


Jeff Leather

£35 for 5 weeks


Dunholme Brownies

Pam Street

£15 per term. 6 terms per year


Slimming World

Rebecca Stones

£10 to join £4.95 weekly


Ladies Club

Sue Rawson

£1.50 a session

01673 862552

Impish Quilters

Mrs Tarling



Parish Council Meetings

Anjum Sawhney


Clerk -

Laura Richardson

01673 862738

Friendship Club

Janice Ritchie

£1.25 per session

01673 861172

Bridge Club

Glynn Elwick

£10 per pair per match

Jumble Sales

Sue Rawson

20p entrance

01673 862552

Agricultural Training

James Christian-Ilett B. SC.

£480 + VAT per course

01673 860925

Jambusters WI

Craft Classes

Mandy Murray

£7.50 per lesson

01673 565295

Computer Training

John Ritchie

Individuals Free  £20/Hour for classes of 6

01673 961172

Luncheon Club

Theresa Morran

£4.50 for a 2 course meal

01673 860538

Camera Club

Grahame Dunkin 01673 860469

Lisa Dancing

Lisa Hurst


Bible Studies CBSI

Jane Hutchinson

£10 per year + weekly voluntary contributions

01673 866467

Welton & Dunholme Drama Group Rehearsals

Ashley Ottewell


01673 861065

Welton & Dunholme Pantomime Group

Ashley Ottewell


01673 861065

Lincolshire German Shepherd dog & all breeds Training Society

Chris Bell

£40 Annual Subscription

Training Ground, Bishops Bridge,
Saxilby Road,

The Vintage tearooms

Jennie Fox



Dunholme PCC

Church Warden


Church Warden

 Dave Rosier

Church Fete

Heather Hunter


01673 862228

Dunholme Community Lottery

Helen Loving

£1 a go 

Dunholme Lodge Open Garden

Lesley & Hugh Wykes


Children Free

01673 860356

Chad's Coffee Shop



Church Warden Dave Rosier

Knit & Natter

Dave Rosier


Church Warden

Dave Rosier

Dunholme & District Indoor Bowls Club

Janet Wright

£33 pa + £2.20 per 2 hour session

01673 861683

Dunholme Outdoor Bowls Club

Mike Prestwood

£20 pa then £1.00 per match

01673 860242

Dunholme Village Hall Committee

Janice Ritchie


01673 861172

Dunholme Old School Committee

Janice Ritchie


01673 861172

Dunholme News Committee

Sue Rawson


Janice Ritchie Chair; 

 John Ritchie Editor;

Sue Rawson Manager

Dunholme Web Site

John Ritchie


01673 861172