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Dunholme Village


Background picture taken of havesting in a corn field on Honeyholes Lane August 2014

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The Parish Church of Dunholme is dedicated to St Chad.

There has been a church on this site for at least 700 years and there may have been a worshipping community in the village for even longer.  The fact that the Doomsday Book (1087) makes no mention of the church in Dunholme does not necessarily mean that no church existed.  It is one of 31 churches dedicated to St Chad, a native of Northumbria

St Chad’’s Church Notices

St Chad’s Church Notices


 Knit and Natter

Don’t forget to come along to the monthly “drop in” at St. Chad’s Church on the third Wednesday of every month (next is 16th October) between 9.30 am and 11.00 am.


 Open to all whether you can knit, crochet or just natter?

Please feel free to bring along your own items or join with us in supporting local charities. All welcome and child friendly.



The three churches in Welton, Dunholme and Scothern will be praying for our communities, street by street, including any groups, organisations, schools that may be on that street through each month. You don’t have to tread the pavements to take part!!


 During October St Mary’s, St Chad’s and St Germain’s churches in our Benefice will be praying for Dunholme streets as follows.

Ashing Lane, Mainwaring Close Market Rasen Road & Beck Lane.


 If you would like to join us or just know a bit more before you make up your mind, please contact Glyn on 861907, Dave on 860986 or Yvonne on 862258


 From St Chad’s Registers

We share in the sadness of those who mourn the death of a loved one, remembering those whose funeral has taken place, or cremated remains have been laid to rest recently:


19th September   Dorothy Mann

8th October  Brian   Lewis


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Tuesday 1st October in Dunholme Parish Church  between

 9.30 and 11.30 a.m.

 On sale; Coffee, Tea, Squash,  Home-made cakes

Sheila, Pearl and Kath extend a warm welcome



The opening times for St Chad’s Post office have changed. 

The opening hours will be:

Monday afternoon – 15.00 to 18.00

Wednesday morning  – 09.00 to 12.00

 Offering the full range of post office services including:

Banking – pay in and withdraw from most banks

Parcel Post; Foreign Currency; Euros on demand – other currencies by request, Pensions; Pay your bills


St Chad’s Sunday School

October 13th 10.55 am


 We invite you to St. Chad’s Sunday School

every second Sunday of the month in Dunholme Old School

 Meet for child friendly activities followed by Communion in Church

with the rest of the church family

 Hope to see you all there!




October 6th

16th Sunday after Trinity


Scothern: Morning Worship


Dunholme: All Age Worship


Welton: Holy Communion




October 13th

17th Sunday after Trinity


Scothern: Holy Communion


Dunholme: Holy Communion


Welton: Holy Communion (said)


Welton: All Age Worship




October 20th

18th Sunday after Trinity


Scothern: Holy Communion


Dunholme: Morning Worship


Welton: Holy Communion




October 27th

Last Sunday after Trinity


Scothern: Holy Communion


Dunholme: Holy Communion


Welton: Holy Communion

Rev Adam Watson

Encounters change Lives.

 During the first weekend of September I was fortunate enough to attend an organised retreat at Launde Abbey near Oakham which was organised by the Diocese of Lincoln originally intended for Readers it was extended to include authorised lay ministers. A total of 36 people from various parts of the county attended.

Launde Abbey is in a quiet rural setting surrounded by fields of sheep and is off the beaten track. Owing to its location mobile phone signals are virtually non-existent so that you are in splendid isolation!

The theme of the retreat was “Eyes Wide Open, Hearts Ablaze” and was lead by the Reverend David Shenton. As well as being a full- time priest David uses his acting skills in one-man performances to portray the life of Christ through the eyes of different characters; his most recent being People of the Passion.

David introduced this concept to us in a series of workshops and encouraged us to think about portraying the events through not just the main characters but through the eyes of a character on the side lines, a character with a little bit of imagination who could have been there. What were they thinking? How had the events affected them? How could we show that through a range of gestures or emotions? How had the encounter affected them and had it changed their lives?

David ably demonstrated these concepts in an evening performance of People of the Passion using different characters each telling the story from their own personal perspective. These included Joseph Mary Judas Iscariot, the Chief Priest, and the Centurion. This was very powerful and had the effect of bringing the written word alive so much so you could believe you were there as an onlooker.

We then went on to explore various ways in which we could use this type of interpretation in various forms of ministry.

You might like to try this for yourselves and a passage you might consider forms the gospel reading for the 17th Sunday after Trinity Luke 17. V 11-19 which is about Jesus’ encounter with ten lepers.

A suggested way is to read through the passage several times, then using your imagination consider telling the story through one of the characters who is there or could have been there for example how about telling the story from the perspective of one of the nine lepers who didn’t   return to thank Jesus but then later regrets their missed opportunity.

 Ted Willows-Chamberlin

Lay Minister WDS Benefice.




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Rev Andy Burrows

telephone: 01673 862486


Welton & Dunholme Methodist Chapel

Methodist Services

October 6th 10.30 am Cafe Church

October 13th 10.30 am Rev’d Terry Nowells

October 20th 10.00 am Alan Measures

October 27th 10.30 am Maureen Birch


 Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival led by Joy Liddle on Sunday September 8th was an uplifting and enlightening occasion.  The Chapel had been beautifully decorated with flowers, fruits and vegetables.  The service was followed by coffee / refreshments and by an auction of the perishable goods which raised £105 for the Lincoln Community Larder.  The numerous bags and boxes of non-perishable items have also been donated to the Larder.  

Youth Club

Youth Club restarted on the Friday 13th September.  It is now being held fortnightly at the Chapel; 

 £2.00 per session.  See the link below to the Facebook page for up- to-date information:


 Coffee Mornings

We are open every Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 10.00 am until 11.30 am.  Why not pop in for a warm welcome and a hot drink?  There is a book stall and toys available for the children.  On the first Wednesday of the month the Sewing Group get together from 10.00 am till 12.00 noon.

Ladies Fellowship.

Ladies Fellowship resumes on 10th October with an evening of reminiscence (heirlooms, photos and memorabilia) at 29 Rivehall Avenue.  We meet each month on the second Thursday with a variety of speakers and topics.  We are a friendly informal group and newcomers are always welcome.  If you would like further details about any of our meetings, please contact 861461. 

Men’s Breakfast.

These informal social events are organised by Welton & Dunholme Methodist Church.  They are open to all men, whether churchgoers or not, interested in a good breakfast and meeting new friends.  Usually we have a speaker and on a variety of subjects.  We meet at 8.45 am and aim to finish by approximately 10.15 am.  Men’s Breakfast is normally held on the third Saturday of each month.  The next one will be on Saturday, 19th October at The Secret Garden Tearooms, Welton.  Anyone interested, please contact John (860823) or David (861461).

No Fake News..No Bad News…Just Good News…

Film Club is back.

The season starts on October 3rd.

We meet in the local Chapel on the first Thursday of the month. The film starts rolling at 2.00pm and this is followed by Afternoon Tea all for £4.00.

This is open to anyone all you need to do is ring 01673 860998 to book your seat. We do the rest.  


Toys Wanted

Once again I am appealing for Christmas gifts for underprivileged children in and around Lincoln. Christmas is a very special time of the year and especially for children. However, for many families it is another strain on their meagre resources. I ask for presents for children from babies to teenagers and please leave them unwrapped, although wrapping paper is also a great help. These gifts are passed onto a children’s charity who will match the present to the specific children in their care.

Donations can be left with me at 16 Ryland Rd, Welton or dropped off at the Chapel coffee mornings (every Wednesday & Saturday from 10.00- 11.30am). You could also bring them along to our special Toy Service at the Methodist Chapel on November 17th at 10.30am.

I have been arranging this collection for many years and I am always blown away by your generosity. The donations always bring a smile to my face and I can imagine the joy they bring not only to the child receiving them but also to their wider family. 



Our Chapel was founded by a young Wesleyan preacher by the name of John Hannah in 1815.  He was the third son of a local coal merchant whose parents were both Wesleyan Methodists, so it is probably not a surprise that he became a Minister himself at a young age in 1814, when he began preaching in the villages surrounding Lincoln.  He was noted as an impressive preacher and a ready public speaker of unusual eloquence and ability who twice held the office of President of the Wesleyan Conference, first in 1842 and then again in 1851.  He travelled extensively, twice visiting the United States with the Wesleyan Conference of Great Britain as a representative of English Methodism along with numerous positions in the United Kingdom, both as a Minister and a theological tutor at parishes as varied as Stoke Newington, Hoxton and Didsbury in Yorkshire.

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John Hannah

Dear Reader,

It's been a good day for me today. I've been around and about seeing the same familiar faces, sniffing the same familiar places and walking the same old walk. 

It wasn't the same in the summer. The Vicar had been planning for the last couple of years (half of my lifetime so far) to 'escape' to a remote island. He said he fancied a change from our usual holidays so I was dragged off in the car to the land of 'Scotties' and 'Westies'. 

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. I know that some people think change is a bad thing. On our regular morning walks some of my friends who are from that part of the world had been telling me about the mysterious and dangerous creature 'The Haggis' to watch out for. (I never did get to see one, but I did get to taste it one day when the Vicar had it for tea in the pub and it was very good!)

After leaving our car on the mainland, we were transported by boat across to our island. There were only seven cottages on it, a ruined castle and a shipwreck. But it was heaven! It had no roads but loads of woods to roam in and explore. There were lots of other animals all over it including deer, sheep and rabbits. I enjoyed all the new smells and new experiences. Some mornings the Vicar would take us fishing for breakfast or lunch in the motor boat. I got to bark at these big old smelly dog-things he calls Seals that we've sometimes seen when kayaking off the beaches nearer to home. They're curious like us dogs really so they swim up close to see what's going on. Their barking is a bit rubbish though - it's a funny sound they make. We also got to see something called porpoises. Everyone got very excited to see them. I couldn't see what the fuss was about. They were just big smelly fish to me.

Anyway, we all had a great time and adventure. I'm glad we had a bit of a change. Change can be exciting and an adventure. 

One of the Vicar's Collies (or is it Colleague) is heading for a change. My friend Revd Rachel who always makes a fuss of me when she comes around to the vicarage is off to pastures new. She's going to be a vicar herself now in the Ermine starting in November. I know she'll be missed but hopefully she'll enjoy the fun and adventure of a big change herself. 

I wonder if you've got any adventures to enjoy? Perhaps having a change from time to time can be a good thing?

Have a good October and see you around!

Bertie (the vicarage dog).


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